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This is a demo. The full game will be released in September 2015.

The player is a robot named Sibro, who plunged into the depths of an alien planetoid to rescue three trapped human crew members. Sibro is equipped with a laser that can reflect off certain walls, among other things. To open the doors leading to the next room, the player usually has to find the correct position to fire the laser so that it illuminates all the orbs in the room simultaneously.

New mechanics are gradually introduced over the game's 40+ levels, such as movable reflectors, breakable tiles, different colored lasers and surfaces, portals and more. Sibro can also be damaged by lasers within the level, homing lasers, and even Sibro's own laser reflected back on itself. To help on the last point, you can fire a "preview laser" that won't deal damage if reflected back, but won't illuminate any orbs.

The player will occasionally be tasked with completing more unique challenges, such as using the laser to make certain shapes, identify fake tiles, and even defeat bosses.

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Published1 year ago
StatusIn development
Tags2D, Aliens, laser, mark-radocy, Puzzle-Platformer, radocy, rpi, th3shark, th3sharkk
Player countSingleplayer


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