VSR isn't dead!

Recently a few people have asked me if Vision Soft Reset was still in development, despite the lack of updates on the game.  I was actually kind of surprised people were still following it, that’s pretty awesome.  Rest assured I have steadily been working on the game and will continue to do so until it’s complete.

I don’t have any excuse for the lack of updates, and I apologize.  Updates are very important and are part of the responsibility of a serious game developer, and I’ll strive to do better in the future.

Here are some screenshots showing new areas, enemies and abilities.  I don’t want to show too much though, gotta leave some surprises in the game right?

I also showcased the game Unity Developer Day NYC, a conference tour focused on local Unity developers.  Here’s a pic from the event:

Future Plans

Over the past year I’ve met some awesome people, made friends with fellow devs, and got a new job at a small game development company.  I’ve learned a lot, most of all that I still have a long way to go until I’d be able to make a living working on my own original projects full-time.  This means that while I’m dedicated to finishing VSR, it will continue to be the hobbyist spare-time project it’s always been and be developed at a comparatively slow pace.

As such it’s hard to estimate when VSR will be done.  Currently the game is about 70% complete, and I’m aiming (hoping) for a release sometime early 2019.  It will be a paid release, on Itch.io and Gamejolt for sure.  I’m open to releasing on other platforms as well.

VSR certainly isn’t going to set the world on fire.  But I’m confident it’s going to appeal to at least a few players out there, which is pretty satisfying in its own way.  Thank you all for reading!

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I've just been checking out your game (10-27-17 build) yesterday for the first time, and then today I've reached that part with "This area is not accessible in this demo.". It never occured to me that it was a demo. Certainly worth to buy it for what it already has. Once in a while I've found something on itch.io that I'd actually follow. I'm a game developer myself, so there are very few things I could be surprised with, and VSR went a step ahead of that. And then I read the post titled "VSR isn't dead!". Oh wow.

Good luck!